Whale Shark Project


This little ink whale shark is the starting point for a much bigger project - I’m going to create a ceramic mural inspired by this incredible ocean giant.

I’ve chosen a whale shark to act as a reminder that oceans unite our blue planet – from the Philippines to the Galapagos, Mexico to the Maldives, coastal and island communities around the world have become synonymous with these enigmatic sharks.

I want to highlight the beauty and vulnerability of these huge animals – despite their popularity, whale sharks are an endangered species. By building a mural out of over 200 individual and unique tiles, each and every part will play a vital role in the bigger picture – and that’s where you can get involved! Sponsor the project and you can choose a piece of the puzzle to be made in your name.

Most importantly of all, this project is in support of I AM WATER foundation, whose work with costal communities helps to empower the next generation of ocean conservationists.

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I AM WATER Ocean Conservation Trust

I AM WATER Ocean Travel 


How can you help?


Support the Project

By supporting the project, you’ll help to create a unique part of the finished Whale Shark artwork.

Choose a section of the mural to be made in your name and you’ll be directly supporting ocean workshops run by I AM WATER at the same time.

Whitagram-Image 3.JPG

Whale Shark Tees

You can support the project in more ways than one - we’ve designed our very own Whale Shark Project T-Shirt, printed in the UK on 100% Organic Cotton by Sharks & Cetaceans.

Best of all, £2 from every Whale Shark Tee purchased will be donated straight towards ocean conservation workshops run by I AM WATER.

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Run/Dive/Explore for I AM WATER

Support I AM WATER whilst you’re away on a dive trip or even if you’re just out for a trail run closer to home.

Wear as a headband to keep your hair clear of your face (or dive mask) and around your neck for wind & UV protection. Made in the UK from seamless microfibre featuring a repeat pattern of our Whale Shark Project print.

Most importantly of all, £1 from every purchase will be donated straight towards ocean conservation workshops run by I AM WATER.